how to post and validate and offer on promotegram

Posting and validating an offer on Promotegram?

HELP - 11 April 2020

Watch the video below in order to better understand how to post and validate an offer on Promotegram.

Step by step

Step 1. Scroll down in offers page and select an offer by clicking Promote
Step 2. Read the requirements.
Step 3. Download the picture or video then copy the text
Step 4. Open your social media account application, upload the picture / video with the product and paste the text, then post.
Step 5. Switch back to the offer page in Promotegram and click "Validate"

You get the message "Offer Validated" and the money are credited to your Promotegram account.

If you encounter any problems or errors when validating an offer, please let us know by talking to us on Live Support.